P I C T U R E S (brought to you by all that is holy)

High above mortals on his mighty throne of fucking awesome'ness Satanicus has given you "the pictures" and as such you should be grateful to no end!

Picture the first

Picture the second

Picture the third

Picture the fourth

Picture the fifth

Picture the six-six-sixth

Picture the seventh


Observe how SATANICUS is an idea, no single thing can truly represent 'IT!' and basically we didn't draw the exact same thing. Notice the following: SATANICUS can either wail on a guitar that sticks through a man's open, bleeding skull, or have no lower half and four extra wings. Further more, the amount of wings on SATANICUS can be either two, four, or whatever the crap we want. The ability to suck souls from beings (as seen in the Grahf and CaptainPancakes drawings) can come either from the mouth or sword of SATANICUS. The goat legs on Grahf's one SATANICUS picture give him a nice touch of hellish demonic coolness