Satanicus News

Day 4.

As all days must come anew, so doth this which you see. The fourth day, it is now. Around the SATANICUS site all shall gather and behold that which is the new and perfect glory. Reborn it has become by the modern god we know as technology.

Such advancements in the SATANICUS site include: new everything (except pictures, those are classics). All of the seven deadly dreams of the SATANICUS are to be realized, those being videos, music, a forum, the list goes on and on and on, like the Mariner.

The SATANICUS staff has increased from just me, as well. I went on an epic journey into hell, vanquishing numerous demons with flaming swords and axes and maces, and brought back the most powerful lords as my minions/co-webpage-owning-slash-updating-people.

Together, under my will of the ancients, we shall deliver comical and musical and pictorial glory. Good night and SATANICUS be with you! SATANICUS!


Day 3.

The third day cometh. (Years later) Behold! Near completion of the best site to ever ever ever exist. Ye should be so lucky as to have this glorious site get updated because you know that a taste of SATANICUS is not enough to satisfy your human soul's desire for awesomeness!


Day 2.

And so it was on the second day: Pictures... scanned... in.... Yes. O' yea, and the pictures were able to be viewed by all in this world with eyes by clicking on the pics section. Blessed is this day (even at 2:06 am which is the current time). Perfection at long last.


Day 1.

Satanicus! OK Looks like I've got the basic feel for the best site ever, SATANICUS!


Day 0.

Satanicus! YEAH!